The following Vicars have served our Congregation:

Late Rev. C. George Koshy (1982 interim)
Late Rev. Dr. K. K. Koshy (1982-84)
Rev. John J. William (1984-85 interim)
Late Rev. Dr. K. K. Cherian (1984-85 interim)

The following Vicars were subsequently appointed by the Bishop of the Madhya Kerala Diocese:

Rev. Dr. T. M. John (1985-88)
Very Rev. T. O. Oommen (1988-91)
Rev. Chery John (1991-94)
Most. Rev. Thomas K. Oommen (1994-97)
Very Rev. Punnoose Cherian (1997-2000)
Rev. Dr. Sam T. Mathew (2000-03)
Rev. Cherian Thomas (2003-06)
Rev. Kurian Mathew (2006-09)
Rev. Jobby John (2009-10)
Rev. Nebu Skariah (2010-13)
Rev. Samuel Oommen (2013-2016)
Rev. Robin Eipe Mathew (2016- Present)