From The Pastor's Desk

My loving members who have started the Real Fasting,

“When you fast do not look gloomy like the hypocrites, they neglect their appearance.”

What would you say if I say that,  “Lent is a communal action and not an individual one?”

Trust me, it is in this communal action that we try to transform ourselves into the Body of Christ, and also by being engaged in our society.  We share our commitment with each other and it is that shared commitment or communal commitment that decides on how  we move forward together.  When we come together then we become God’s body in our world.  Having become the body of Christ, we start caring for those who are left out, caring for the sidelined, caring for the refugee, the orphan, making sure that our faith values are extended.  Ash Wednesday reminds us that we have to stand together in community.

Join me, for I need you, and quite frankly you need me to work together to create this day of salvation so that all are welcome.  Thus I urge all the C.S.I. Seaford families in this Lent, to let your heart be broken open, respond to the needs around us, take it in as part of the Body of Christ that we are called in this challenging time to live the self-discipline of letting ourselves weep for our nation and then take action.

So then it will be, as Paul says, “Behold now is a very acceptable time, behold now is the day of salvation.”
Let’s make this Lent about the communal act of conversion.

Thank you,

Journeying with you!  Robin Achen.